I have never been away from You for this long…

I am sorry for putting You in this situation my love, never in my entire life did I think I will be in a long-distance- relationship. I thank You for putting up with me and the problems that I go with. I’m sorry for not being the most romantic guy You were dreaming of… but I try to be. I will always try to be.

You are one of the best gift that God has given me and You make me very happy. Ever since that day almost a year ago when You asked me to take a risk with You, it has been wonderful. I did not have any regrets with deciding to start living my life with You and for the rest of my life. You are my better half, the reason why I want this life not to end.

I am very lucky to have You as my boyfriend. You are so perfect for me. I like everything about You, everything. I like everything You do , Your dreams and Your actions. Even your fears.

My Love, I promise to have this life with You. To care and to love You for the rest of my life. You are my everything. I cannot imagine living my life without You. God knows that.

So please take care. I am praying for Your health and safety. I will see You soon. I will be home. I will be with You. .. and You will be with me.

Our Anniversary is coming up. You made it very worth it Carl. I promise to make this anniversary very worth it too.

I love You.







and then you convinced Dad…

I called back home today.

I was able to talk to Dad, see how he was doing, that he received the money and that my cousin got out of the hospital after being stabbed.

I was happy I got to hear my Dad’s voice again, it was like I was just calling from my room back when I was home. I miss him.

I was surprised that after answering all the questions I had, he talked about no other person but you.

I heard him say how you liked Mom’s Laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk), how he tried kidding you not to eat the leaves but just the chicken, and how he said you still kept eating after that.

I am so happy he talked about you, that you exist. That you ate a lot according to my Dad.

I remember I was worried that the day will not come when he would not reach out to the guys I introduced to him.

I was surprised that even he was charmed by how you are, how good a person you are and how you showed the real you.

I can say, you won my Dad.

I love You.

I just want to make sure you know…

Hello Mahal ko, Good Morning. 

I just want to make sure you know how I appreciate your efforts of 
waking up at the wee hours of the morning
just to Skype with your humble boyfie. Thank you.

I know it has been months since we've seen each other. 
Can you imagine we were able to do it? 
I am very proud of you ____. Aside from me being away from you, 
I am happy with how you are doing with your
career, with your new hobby as a cook and how you plan to make yourself 
 better everyday 
(i.e. like going to the gym). You know very well that I loved you the  
way you are and I would never want 
you to change in anyway, but as long as it would make you feel happy, 
I will be with you. 

I know this can be a little dramatic and all that, but I just thought 
sometimes I fail to tell you
how important you are to me. I may not be able to reply to your 
texts everyday, I may not express very well
how I miss you with only the limited words I use, but rest assured 
that I am dying to see you and to feel  you again. 
You may know how it is (hoping you'd feel the same).

You know how I tell you jokingly that I think I love you more 
than you love me? I am actually quite serious
when I tell you that... that's just my way of putting a little light 
twist on is, lest you might feel sad. 
Love may never be measurable, but I know I want to be with you. I want you. 

It has been said that love grows fonder when your love is 
not around, that is true. And it's more definite 
since we experienced it  first hand. You are my weakness ______, 
you make my heart melt everytime I get 
reminded of you. You are also my strength, I think of the day when 
we will see each other again when I get 
sad and lonely here in the kingdom. I am excited to tease you 
to go make love with me. 

I wish you had a good rest or shall I say "nap" before you read this.
 I am so excited to see you again. 
I know I have been using the words, "I miss you" and "I love you" 
everytime. But I have no choice but to 
use these words. They may get tired of themselves being used 
everytime we talk but I will never get tired 
of using them over and over again until such time there will be
 better words to use than them. 

I love you _____. I hope you enjoy this life we have with me. 
I am so thankful for giving me a chance to 
share my love with you. Your name is almost synonymous 
to it already and no, I am not making bonots or  anything. I just 
wish you do not regret loving a simple 
guy like me who just wants to be feel how to be 
loved in return. I know you have a lot of guys who would  kill for 
someone like you (I can imagine you 
saying, "Yeah, I know"), but I just want to know I feel very 
lucky to have someone like you. I am truly  lucky. 

I wish to see you later at Skype later if you would permit me.
 I know you are sleepy and maybe still tired 
from work... I am sorry for asking you to spare some of your 
precious time to see and speak to me. I know 
you miss me too, but you can't imagine how I miss you badly. 

I am looking forward to kiss you and hug you soon. Feeling 
you again in my arms is as close to heaven. 
I am sorry for bringing this situation between us, I know 
you understand how we have our own priorities but I just 
want you to know how I feel about this. I am sorry. 

I love you ____. No buts, nor maybes. I just simply love you.

The Vow

May you never steal, lie or cheat.

But if you must steal, steal away my sorrows.

And if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life.

And if you must cheat then please cheat death.

Because I couldn’t live a day without you.

-Leap Year (Movie)

I love you.

I can’t work, I can’t sleep and I don’t feel well. Everything seems to remind me of you… I miss you so much.

You make me cry a lot. Grrr…

No matter how much I try to form my comforter to shape your body I can’t perfect the shape of your tummy, it’s too big. No, I’m just kidding. You know I love you. I want to distract myself from missing you over my changed weekend here, but I end up locking myself until the next working day comes. It’s hard to have a good time without you. We may have all the things we can distract ourselves from our loved ones here but every time happiness starts to come in, my memory of you takes place.

Though we know our love for each other crosses time and boundaries like heaven, simple faults heightens the emotions, cuts the heart and hurts like hell.  Like you said, it’s frustrating being away from you.  You even stop watching American Idol when I left. So we try, and we try hard to make things right. You even noticed me being hyperactive when I am actually tired from work and want to sleep.

I never cried as much… I never hurt anyone like I did before and I am sorry. I know I brought this among us. This is one of the things I regret doing for our relationship but one that I am proud doing because we care for my family. Sadly, it has to be this way. I know you understand or atleast you try to. And I love you more because of that. Never have I been so in love like this that I was able to make a song with the melody (though it’s a bit still shaky) in just a couple of hours or two. I never had that talent but as you said, it was good. You really love me I guess. Either way, you make me a better person.

I want to apologize for the nights you spent and the nights you will be spending without me by your side, the nights you will be spending as you cry yourself to sleep at night. Rest assured that I am so sorry for making you feel that way. I don’t have anything I can reason out to justify my absence. But I can honestly say that I love you. God knows how much. I am crying with you My Love, and it is not easy.

I hope this short post comforts you when you feel down and lessens your sadness when you search for me in the places where we’ve been, when you eat the food we once shared and talked to people who once saw us looking like newly weds. It’s only fair that you miss me, because I do too. I will kill you if you didn’t.

I love you.

You are Amazing.

You are Amazing.

I have been to many places

Seen and talked to many faces

But my cry for You was still not heard

I was lost and You have found me,

Gave me light and see You greatly

Ever since You came into my life

You give me strength, You give me hope

Since the day, You touched my soul

You keep me safe and made me whole

You are amazing. You are amazing.

And then I wished for something better

Seen the world and still looked further

And then I found myself that I’m still lost

The days have passed, the nights have gone

Without you I’m weak, I’m  torn

Now I long for You here by my side

Now I know where I belong

In Your arms, Your time, Your song

It’s with You, I love You.

In my heart I know that’s right

No one else can make me fly

But You.

Even my phone’s memory is full.

I miss you. Another day has passed. Another day closer to seeing you once again. In the movie ‘Sex and the City’, Carrie asked his server while in Abu Dhabi if it isn’t hard being separated from his wife. The servant says, “… is it hard, but when we see each other it is wonderful…” (not verbatim). I can say the same for us. Six months not being with you is hard but my happiness grows when I’m counting days when I can finally see you and feel you beside me again.

In times like these when I miss you so much, your messages in my phone reminds me of how we are when we’re together, how we long for each other’s presence. Your messages echo your sweetness and the gestures that accompany it. It is so good, it will be too selfish not to share it to the world. This post is just for these simple  messages of yours. I miss you so much Mahal ko (My Love).

“Good Morning Mahal ko! I know it will be a long day for you, I prayed for you Mahal ko. I asked God to give you strength and guidance. I know you can do it! Go go go! RAWR! I love you so much *kiss on your forehead”

“Good Morning Mahal ko, I was able to sleep well last night, I hope you had a good rest. If you are lucky, ano pa ako?! You are all I ever dreamed of and ever wanted. Don’t stress yourself too much ok, kayang kaya mo yan, kaw pa! I love you so much.”

“Mahal ko, nothing can stop me from being happy, especially now that I have a boyfriend like you who is cute, sweet, charming and oh so wonderful. This may sound like a bonot but it is true. I love you.”

“Good morning Mahal ko, ngayon lang ako nagising! WAAAHHH! Arte ko, wala naman akong pasok.. Hahaha.. have a great day ahead My Love, kayang kaya mo yan! I love you so much.”

“Good Morning Mahal ko. I hope mahimbing pa ang tulog mo, you deserve it. Today we celebrate another month of love, happy monthsary My Love. You make me feel very happy and I am so blessed to have you. I love you so much.”

“Isang magandang umaga sa pinakamamahal kong boyfriend, na ngayon ay isang OFW, na tinuturing na bagong bayani ng ating henerasyon.. Bagong bayani FTW! Haha.. Go go go Mahal ko, kaya mo yan, DEDMA NA sa pagod at stress. Mahal na mahal kita _____, always remember that ok.”

“Mahal ko, matutulog na muna ako ha. I hope we can Skype later. Good night My one and only, I love you. *kiss on your forehead.”

“_____, having you as a boyfriend makes me the luckiest man alive.. Daig ko pa yung nanalo sa Lotto.. Haha ”

“Good Morning Mahal ko. I hope you are feeling better already and I hope you were able to rest well last night. Eat breakfast ok, so that you will have energy for the rest of the day. Another busy day but another day closer to your home coming. I cannot wait Mahal ko. Go go go My Toe! RAWR! I love you very much.”

“Hello Mahal ko, andito na ako sa may Dapitan, kakain na ako ng early dinner para makatulog ng maaga. Enjoy lunch ok, domihan mo ang kain. Hope we can skype later. I love you ___, so much.”

“Good Morning Mahal ko. The Sunday service just ended, and may ishashare ako sayo mamaya. I prayed for you Mahal ko, and I know you can do all the things you have to do today. I miss you and I love you.”

“Good Morning Mahal ko, hindi ako pumasok today kasi 9:44am na ako nagising…Haha.. I am having lunch right now and I am missing you Mahal ko, big time. I love you.”

“Rest and sleep well My One and Only. I cannot wait to be with you again. I love you.”

“Mahal ko, malapit ng maglunch, it is so near you can almost taste it… and dami kong sinasabi, pakibaranggay ako plez.. Haha.. Eat well My Love.”


I miss my bright side, My Mr. Brightside.

I miss you. It has been seven months since we’ve been together. I know I made the hardest decision in my life… of leaving you for greener pastures but literally filled with dry sands of Saudi Arabia. I love you Mr. Brightside. You are one of the inspirations why I want to go back, second to my family. I regret that I had to leave but I’m happy that you understand. I’m certainly the luckiest guy alive.

We met seven months ago in a very unexpected place to find true love (atleast for me)… in a gay bar. I know you went there because you just wanted to dance and have a break from the dating scene. I on the other hand, just went there to accompany a friend. It was God’s way that we have a common friend to introduce us together. We never thought that you dancing with me just to avoid a person  and I out of being polite would lead to the start of the best love story ever- our story.

Since then, all have been well. We had a number of dates, laughs and sweet moments.  You met my friends and I with yours as well. We went out and spent nights together even though we agreed not to “paint” (love making) yet, not until we decided to be together. November 24th, 2010 came, we then made a mural.

We made our gay friends jealous with our love for each other, some tried to show their care by telling us it won’t last and there’s no hope, but we constantly prove them wrong. Finally, it gave them a giant middle finger when both our parents met for dinner and we made history.

Now we face another chapter, you are there back in the Philippines where it rains every now and then, when I am here where it’s all sandstorms and camels. We may be separated physically by continents and seas but we constantly prove to the world that it is possible.

This is where it all starts, I know we can make this work My Love. We don’t have anything but love right now. And I think that’s enough. I love you my Mr. Brightside.