I have never been away from You for this long…

I am sorry for putting You in this situation my love, never in my entire life did I think I will be in a long-distance- relationship. I thank You for putting up with me and the problems that I go with. I’m sorry for not being the most romantic guy You were dreaming of… but I try to be. I will always try to be.

You are one of the best gift that God has given me and You make me very happy. Ever since that day almost a year ago when You asked me to take a risk with You, it has been wonderful. I did not have any regrets with deciding to start living my life with You and for the rest of my life. You are my better half, the reason why I want this life not to end.

I am very lucky to have You as my boyfriend. You are so perfect for me. I like everything about You, everything. I like everything You do , Your dreams and Your actions. Even your fears.

My Love, I promise to have this life with You. To care and to love You for the rest of my life. You are my everything. I cannot imagine living my life without You. God knows that.

So please take care. I am praying for Your health and safety. I will see You soon. I will be home. I will be with You. .. and You will be with me.

Our Anniversary is coming up. You made it very worth it Carl. I promise to make this anniversary very worth it too.

I love You.







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